The strength of Erbud International is the specialised teams of experienced professionals and the engineering staff who are fully trained to perform supervision of construction, industry, and power sector projects.

When providing construction, assembly, welding, I&C, electrical, insulation, and other services, the Company uses the labour potential of the construction, fitting, and installationteams of the entire Erbud Group.

Our crew consists of engineers who are trained to manage projects, as well as of experienced experts, foremen, and employees with the following areas of specialisation:

  • (structure, installation, insulation) fitter
  • welder
  • electrician and I&C specialist
  • bricklayer
  • steel fixer
  • carpenter
  • concreter
  • construction worker
  • The flexibility resulting from the extensive opportunities throughout the Erbud

Group means that professionals can be selected according to nature of the project and the project can be performed at a competitive price.


Employees of the ERBUD Group have extensive experience in carrying out works related to:

  • construction of residential, office, and industrial buildings
  • road-engineering construction
  • repairs and maintenance of steam and water boilers
  • repairs and maintenance of turbines
  • repairs and modernisation of carburising installations
  • assembly, repair, and modernisation of purification and flue gas desulphurisation plants
  • design and erection of process installations
  • installation and maintenance of thermal waste treatment installations
  • construction and modernisation of heating networks
  • design, construction, and maintenance of heating centres
  • assembly and maintenance of pumping equipment
  • production, modernisation, and repair of electrical and I&C equipment
  • technical testing and diagnostics of machines and devices
  • mechanical and steel welding services: carbon, low-alloy, and alloy welding
    – acetylene-oxygen gas welding (311)
    – EO coated arc welding (111)
    – TIG-shielded non-consumable metal-arc welding (141)
    – shielded consumable metal-arc welding (131, 135, 136)


With over 27 years of experience
as a General Contractor
  • erbudsa
  • gwi
  • pbdi
  • ein
  • IVT

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